This 1 day cycle adventure on the Roxburgh Gorge Trail not only has some amazing cycling but also includes a fun and informative jet boat ride on the Clutha River from Doctors Point to Shingle Creek. Cycling on the Roxburgh Gorge Trail is quite a bit steeper than the Railtrail therefore prepare yourself for some climbs and downhill’s. Although the trail is a bit more challenging, the views and scenery make it well worth the extra effort. The entire trail is able to be ridden but in some cases, for those not comfortable or experienced to riding hills the option of pushing some of the steeper sections is advisable.

Your adventure starts in Clyde where upon arrival at our depot you will be fitted with your bikes, briefed on your tour and then we will transport you through to the lookout at Roxburgh Hyrdo Dam. From here you will start your cycle ride back to Clyde on the stunning Roxburgh Gorge Trail. You are required to be at our depot by 9.00am for a 9.30am departure. From Roxburgh Dam lookout you will connect with the start of the Roxburgh Gorge Trail and make your way to the Shingle Creek Boat Ramp. Here you will meet up with your boat operator who transfers you through to Doctors Point. Relax on board the boat while you take in the stunning scenery and history of the area. Disembark at Doctors Point where you continue on your cycle adventure through to Alexandra. In Alexandra, clients can carry on the Railtrail to our office in Clyde, or take the scenic, peaceful River Track back to Trail Journeys (an additional 8kms).
 Cycle equipment which includes bicycle, helmet, repair kit, panniers, odometer and trail documentation
 Transport: Clyde to Roxburgh Dam by bus (departing Clyde at 9.30am)
 Boat transfer from Shingle Creek to Doctors Point
Optional Add On’s:
 Transport to and from Queenstown by bus or rental car (see ex Queenstown price option)
 Snacks and lunch pack for on the trail (extra $20.00 per person)

Prices: minimum 2 pax (Adults) ex Clyde
2016-2017 = NZD$270.00pp (2-4 pax) NZD$220.00pp (5+ pax)

Prices: minimum 2 pax (Adults) (ex Queenstown)
Retail Rate 2016-2017 = NZD$365.00pp (2-4 pax) NZD$315.00pp (5+ pax)


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