Day 1:Transper from Tbilisi Airport to hotel

Day 2: Mtskheta
Jvari Monastry VII c.
Svetitskhoveli Cathedral 1130 y.
Samtavro Monastery XI c.
Shiomgvime Monastery (VII, XII, XVII).
Overnight in Tbilisi

Day 3: Tbilisi
Georgian National Museum
Sioni VII c.
Anchiskhati VI c.
Nrikala fortress
Overnight in Tbilisi

Day 4: Samtavisi church - 1030 y.
Ateni Sion VII -. X centuries, frescoes end of the XI century.
Kintsvisi Monastery, painting (al secco) 1208
Samtsevrisi VII century.
Tsromi VII century.
Overnight in Tbilisi.

Day 5: Ikalto
Gurjaani: Kvelatsminda church X century.
Pirosmani Museum in Mirzaani
Bodbe (monastery with the relics of St. Nino, the Enlightener of Georgia)
Overnight to Signagi

Day 6: David Gareji
Cave Monastery Udabno
Frescoes IX - XI centuries.
Overnight in Tbilisi

Day 7: Didgori
Church of the Nativity of Our Lady in Manglisi
Lake Paravani
Church of Sts. Nino in Foca monastery. Tasting the local monastery blue cheese.
Overnight in Akhaltsikhe

Day 8:Vardzia (cave monastery. The frescoes in 1186.)
Kumurdo (Church of the tenth century.)
Sapara (frescoes of the first half of the XIV century.)
Overnight in Akhaltsikhe

Day 9: Moving to Tao Klarjeti (Georgian-Turkish border)
Tbeti (Church of X century.)
Opiza (Church of the IX.)
Doliskhana (X c.)
Parkhaev (X c.)
Bana (VII cent.).
Overnight in Yusufeli

Day 10: Tekkale: Otkhta
(Tenth century, fragments of frescoes X -. XI centuries.)
Ishkhani (IX -. X centuries, carving)
Oshki (second half of X in., Fragments of frescoes)
Khakhuli (X c., Wood, fragments of frescoes)
Overnight in khope (or Batumi)

Day 11: Moving to Batumi (Georgian-Turkish border)
Gonio fortress
Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin (1898-1903 biennium).
Relax on the beach
for those who wants:
Church in Khulo
Shalta Monastery (XIII century frescoes.)
Overnight in Batumi

Day 12: Church of Sts. George Achi (Ozurgeti) (frescoes early. The XIII century.)
KUTAISI - Museum
Prometheus Cave (Mountain Khvamli)
Bagrat Temple (1003)
Overnight in Kutaisi

Day 13: Gelati Monastery (1130 mosaic, fresco 1130 g, 1290-ies., The XV-XVII centuries.)
Transfer to Tbilisi
On the way to:
Katskhi (Church of the XI century.)
Ubisi (frescoes of the XIV century.)
Overnight in Tbilisi

DAY 14: Transper from hotel to Tbilisi Airport


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