Content Integrity Policy

TripEnquiry is all but an interactive platform where you get advice directly from the travellers - those who have stayed in a particular hotel, travelled with a holiday provider, have taken a package from a tourism agency, they only write reviews. And thus, these genuine reviews will help you identify and select the best among the options available to you! At TripEnquiry, we do believe in free flow of content; however, we do apply some rules to ensure that there is a fair play of the freedom to write, criticise, review and rate. Please read the document completely to understand how do we moderate and ensure the content on TripEnquiry is all genuine and neutral.

What do we allow?
TripEnquiry strongly supports the freedom to express one's opinion about something which one pays for. Therefore, we encourage our users to post reviews about travel agencies, tour operators, hotels and other tourism business listed with us.

For business owners, we allow free listing. They can add their business and mode of operation along with other details on our website.

Well, we don't allow these practices by our users and listed business:

  • A comment that seems religion biased.
  • Opinion which talks about racial discrimination, gender specific, harassing, abusive and foul language.
  • Reviews which seem to be biased or promoted by the listed business.
  • Unverified claims by the listed business.

How do we ensure the fair content?
TripEnquiry has been in operations now for more than one year. We have learnt to monitor the content on our website in real time to prevent spamming and unwanted content. We regularly monitor the reviews written by our users. We also verify the listed businesses to ensure they provide everything that they are showcasing on our website. Moreover, we also keep the updates made by them in waiting list until we verify the provided information. These practices ensure that TripEnquiry remains free of unneeded and unwanted content.

We always welcome feedback from our users about the services they have used. However, we practice strict set of rules against the fake profiles, paid reviews and fraud user bots.


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